Atlanta Rollergirl tea party catalyst for change in India — Atlanta

April 27, by Tina Ranieri

Atlanta Rollergirl L.O.R.D (Lady of Retired Derby) Takillya Sunrise, also known as Katrell Christie, is changing lives in India, one tea party at a time. After travelling to India in 2009, Katrell returned to the States with a new mission to help the girls of the Darjeeling Orphanage through education.

She started The Learning Tea, a project to raise money to support the Darjeeling school and orphanage through the sale of the flavorful Darjeeling Green and Black teas she handpicked through hundreds of varieties, and by selling photo prints of her journey. 100% of the profits will benefit several projects for these children. Visit and learn all the details and help better the lives of these precious girls. And grab yourself some tea at our next bout. The Learning Tea will have a booth in the courtyard at Yaraab Shrine Center.

The Project: The Learning Tea started as a personal project of Dr. Bombay’s coffee shop owner Katrell Christie after one of her trips to India, in July 2009.
Photography: In order to document her journey, Christie took magnificent pictures, capturing the soul of the Indian people.
The Tea: Taste the most unique leaves from India and help children in Darjeeling have a better future. Shop

For these Darjeeling children living in poverty, education is simply the only method of rising beyond their situation, which in most cases is dire.

Darjeeling is world famous for its beautiful tea gardens and flavorful teas, but it harbors a darker side as the region’s hub for forced labor and sex exploitation, as well as child trafficking and child labor. Without education, young girls are forced into prostitution in the area, or even transported to work in brothels in other regions of India when they leave orphanages at 16 or 17, with no viable alternatives in the area without a university education.

Dr. Bombay’s Underwater Tea Party

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Darjeeling Elementary School (The students in this Elementary School all received new shoes thanks to the Learning Tea. In July they will have their floor repaired and a toilet installed.)