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Our mission is to provide life scholarships to impoverished young women in India by giving them the opportunity to continue their education through university. The Learning Tea pays for complete tuition and living costs for our young scholars while providing a safe and stable dormitory living environment.










India Trips


Interested in traveling to India with The Learning Tea?

We are so excited about taking a new group to see how each program works and to experience the Indian culture!

We take two trips per year to India to work with our scholars. Interested in joining us? Email us at for more information.


"The greatest gift of international travel may be the opportunity to see life through the eyes of others - - to meet and get to know individuals living half a world away, to experience unfamiliar sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and shake off the doldrums of the everyday.  Taking a trip to India with the marvelous Katrell Christie offers these experiences in abundance.  Her love for India and its people is palpable, yet never blinds her to its flaws.  You’ll learn historical facts and cultural mores and will visit beautiful temples, cloud-shrouded tea plantations and atmospheric craft markets. But you’ll also get the ultimate insider’s view as you tuck into the world’s most delicious black lentil daal or find a rockin’ All-Indian cover-band singing “Midnight Rider” in a bar in Chennai. Yet the most meaningful experience of all is a simple one:  the privilege of spending time with the exuberant and brave young women who are The Learning Tea scholars.  You won’t find this trip listed among Travel & Leisure’s latest vacation destinations, but if your idea of a journey is one that challenges and restores your mind and soul, then a visit to Katrell’s India is the one for you."

- Jay Sullivan, The Learning Tea Volunteer

"My journey to India with The Learning Tea team was life-changing. It was two weeks that will forever influence me. 

I'd seen the photos of The Learning Tea scholars on the walls of Dr. Bombay's for a couple of years before I made the trip. For a while, I thought just frequenting the tea shop and attending events would be enough. India was actually never on my "must see" list, but the mission was too compelling—and so was the team! The more I learned, the more I knew I needed to see it all first-hand. 

It was a hard trip in a lot of ways, but for every sadness there was another joy to rise and meet it. India is a remarkable country, filled with the most kind and generous people I've ever met. It was difficult to see the poverty and conditions these beautiful people lived in, so I can easily see what drew Katrell to them and made her want to help. I wanted to help too.

Meeting the scholars was a definite highlight. They are nothing short of adorable—and accomplished. It was so much fun to see where they live, look through their school projects, share stories, and be a part of their routine for a few days. We were also able to celebrate the first Learning Tea graduate, which was incredible! And taking them to a Bollywood movie was just hysterical! Listening to them laugh and giggle and act like girls without a care in the world was priceless. Their lives would look so different without The Learning Tea. But they have embraced this incredible opportunity, and are doing amazing things with it. I have no doubt they will change the face of Darjeeling, and India, with their lives. They want great things for their great country, and are now in a position to make them happen. These are strong women, in a place that too often would cast them aside, but now they are emerging as leaders. India is so lucky to have them. And I am humbled to have even played a small role in benefiting them.

It was a whirlwind of a trip, with so many memories attached. I developed a deeper respect for Katrell and Stephanie, and learned a few things about myself along the way too. I hope to take the things I saw and heard and experienced, and become a better global citizen. I want to be a better person in my community, but also across the world. And I definitely want to be a part of making more Learning Tea scholars!"

- Kristi Porter, Orange Conference, long-time supporter of The Learning Tea

"I was a first-time visitor to India on The Learning Tea Spring 2014 trip and I can't imagine a better way to experience this incredible country!  Visiting the largest cities and the tiniest villages; meeting with International members of the Rotary Club, University administrators, and rural church ministers; being invited into the most prestigious institutions and the humblest of homes; and of course, meeting the young women that are overcoming incredible adversity to pursue an education and turn their lives around. The Learning Tea India trip provides a breadth and depth of experience that would be hard to accomplish without the caring, insight, humor and guidance provided by Katrell Christie. "

- Katy Baum, Chai Pani

"My trip to India with The Learning Tea was my first international travel. Once I landed in Mumbai I knew I was in for a memorable journey. Katrell taught me about Indian history and culture, but I was able to see her love for India firsthand during our trip. I was able to visit with the Leaning Tea scholars, whom I had been working to help for months before the trip. Despite knowing each of them very well on paper I was able to see with my own eyes how dedicated and motivated they were to succeed. The Learning Tea gives girls opportunities that would not be available to them otherwise, and they don't take any of it for granted."

- George Partin, former The Learning Tea staff member