Wild West Showdown? Or Modern Day Calcutta?

Número uno

Cab driver picks us up at train station after nearly 20 hours of car &train travel.

Cab driver quotes us 350 rs to take us to our hotel.

Within 5 minutes, proposes he will only charge us 300 rs if we let him pick up some other people to ride in the front seat.

Sure, we say. As long as you drop us first.

For the next few miles he drives slowly eyeballing everyone standing on the road.

Luckily Katrell knows the neighborhood well, so when he turns off route she says, no, go straight and he says - "Five minutes only mam."

No way we say. Us first.

He pulls up to the end of our street which is one-way. Says he can't take us. We say go around the block. He says no. We say let us out and hand him 200 rs. for dropping us several blocks from our hotel.

Showdown in the street ensues: he won't open the trunk. We threaten to call police. Crowd gathers. He finally opens trunk, all the while yelling at us. We get bags and start walking away. He then grabs our bag again and won't let go.

We escaped. The end.

Streetside Showdown Score:
We are 1 for 1.

Número Dos

Walking down the street, ever-present water bottle in hand. 6- or 7-year old boy tries to grab the bottle and I say no. He holds on, walking with me, both hands on the bottle and practically hanging from the bottle to get it from me. We carry on like this walking 20-25 feet. I give up.

He wins. The end.

Streetside Showdown Score:
1 for 2.

Katherine Branch, for The Learning Tea