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Our mission is to provide life scholarships to impoverished young women in India by giving them the opportunity to continue their education through university. The Learning Tea pays for complete tuition and living costs for our young scholars while providing a safe and stable dormitory living environment.










Arrival in India - Spring 2014

Katrell and I arrived late Thursday April 24th in Mumbai in pretty good shape after 28+ hours of traveling. Both of us are India-philes. We have been here many times and have traveled with many people. But this trip is especially significant for both of us. And there is so much to be done. The Learning Tea is in a growth phase. We are working to open the new center in Chennai which involves interviewing potential scholars, viewing rental properties and everything that comes along with making a new home. We are traveling to Calcutta to get that new program up and running and we are making plans for the group of 5 that arrive in 11 days.

We are now in Chennai, after spending one day in Mumbai. Here we have begun working out details for the new center, setting up meetings with potential new scholars in Chennai city, and are excited to meet the village girls whose tuition debts The Learning Tea has pledged to pay off. We are also connecting with the Rotary Club here, who is instrumental in helping us get so much done in such a short time.

Thanks to all of you in Atlanta that come out for Dr. Bombay's monthly fundraising dinners. It is with your donations and support that The Learning Tea is able to help build better lives for these deserving young women.

On their behalf, we are ever grateful.


Katherine Branch, for The Learning Tea